Kitchen Menu

Use Kitchen Menu to create a daily menu of your meals

● Eat better: Planned meals are healthier choices
● Save money: Don't eat out just because you can't decide what to fix

Kitchen Menu is designed to be a simple and efficient menu planner. If you are looking for an app that also has recipes, shopping lists, etc. there are other apps that fill that need.

As one user told us: "I don't need an app to tell me how to cook, I just want to remember what day to make the roast on!".

Plan one day ahead or more, whatever works for you. Try it today!

Thank you for your download!


★ Breakfast, lunch and dinner meals
★ Enter main dish and up to three side dishes
★ Notes on each day allows you to add related info and reminders
★ Share menus via email and numerous other apps
★ Always have your menu with you, for reference or to edit as your schedule changes